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[Aug. 27th, 2008|02:55 pm]
The Mason Pointe Chronicle


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“Wha - Who the hell is there?!”
“It's me, Jon! Don't shoot!”
“And why not? You've killed half the players already!”
“I have a great idea for a kill. I need your help.”
“Is that what you told Cedric before waltzing into his room and plugging him?”
“No, I used a different one on him.”
“Sure ya did. Show yourself asshole! As soon as I see you, you're – FUCK!”
“Listening now?”
“Okay, okay! Tell me about the fucking plan!”
“You're gonna like this one. You can go snitch on me if you want, but after hearing the plan, I suspect you'll have other things on your mind.”
“Okay, so tell it!”
“Two words. Ritual sacrifice.

I take by your silence that you like it?”
“Just maybe... tell me more.
“We use the steam tunnels. The Water Room.”
“The Chamber of Ythtal.”
“Yes. The Chamber of Ythtal. We'll lure someone out there.”
“And sacrifice them!”
“Are we going to use chloroform?”
“Naw, too easy. We lure them out, and we use chloroform when they get there.”
“I think we should use chloroform.”
“Why? It's way too easy. No style.”
“Waiting in the dark and shooting everyone that passes is pretty damned low in style as well, Jon.”
“Hey, it requires finesse!”
“It requires obsession.”
“Whatever. We're not using chloroform.”
“So how the hell are we gonna get our victim out there?”
“Easy. We challenge them to a duel.”
“Well, we don't challenge them to a duel. We fake a note from Emmett.”
“So Emmett challenges them to a duel in the steam tunnels? Emmett doesn't even know how to get into the steam tunnels!”
“Emmett challenges our victim to a duel in the library basement! Then I open the door to the steam tunnels. Our victim arrives in the basement, and finds the door wide open. The temptation will be too much to resist.”
“You hope.”
“I know. Who in our group wouldn't give their right arm to discover the way into the steam tunnels?”
“I've offered you my right arm and more, and you still won't fucking tell me.”
“I rest my case.”
“Okay, okay, dammit! So how are we going to subdue them so we can sacrifice them?”
“That's where the chloroform comes in.”
“And what do we do then?”
“We string 'em up and hang 'em from the ceiling.”
“Of course! Can we throw fake blood on them?”
“If Liz approves...”
“I'm sure she will! Then, I'll do a necromantic chant and we'll light fires, draw a few arcane symbols and summon Ythtal!”
“And set up the scene for someone else to find.”
“Of course! And then Ythtal will eat them!”
“I wouldn't be so sure about that.”
“Why not?”
“Because Ythtal doesn't exist, Ray.”
“Yeah, and you've been murdering people with a pellet gun.”
“A pellet gun requires re-loading, runs out of ammunition, and there's a clearly defined way of determining whether or not you've been killed by one. Ythtal is not so lucky.”
“Well, Liz can make up some rules!”
“We're going to have enough trouble convincing Liz to sanction the ritual sacrifice. She would never allow us to have our own pet god.”
“Well, I'm checking with Liz, and if she sanctions Ythtal, then the first person that Ythtal's going to eat will be you.”
“And if she doesn't, then I'm going to shoot you and leave you floating in the Water Room after the ritual.”
“Let's get busy.